Restricted access degree programme

The announcement and the informations about the admission test will be present on the web page of the courses with limited access:

>> Corsi a numero programmato / Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics




Considering the number of candidates who will take the test at our University, only one room will be used - aula 1 at Centro Didattico di Ateneo - Policlinico le Scotte - Strada delle Scotte 4 - Siena.

If you are NON-EU STUDENTS RESIDENT ABROAD, please do not forget to submit your study documents and a copy of your passport to URP and International Place (via Banchi di Sotto 55 – 53100 Siena)  in order to obtain THE AUTHORIZATION (NULLA OSTA) to take part in the admission exam.


>> web site Urp and International Place


Lastly, in order to complete the preliminary procedure, you must arrive at 11.30 a.m. And you will be admitted to take the test upon presentation of a valid identity document.